Complete the on-line application for the Notice of Availability (NOA).  Before completing and signing the application, we encourage you to review the entire content of the packet. It contains a list of available locations and information on the sponsorship program. If you are selected to participate in the Chicago Park District’s Concession Program, you will be contacted to negotiate a “Concession Permit Agreement” for the season.

The cost for each location is different based on factors such as the type and size of the concession operation, location, estimated sales and estimated expenses.  Applicants are contacted for an interview to discuss the proposed concession location and operation.
At a minimum, you should plan for:

  • An annual Business License Fee of $ 75 to $125.00
  • A Performance Deposit of $400.00
  • Food Sanitation Permit – Cost of permit varies depending on location size and product mix.
  • Insurance – Minimum liability policy limit shall be, but not limited to, $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate. 
  • Registration fees for a Foodservice Sanitation Class (approx. $320.00/person);
  • A concession location that is not in a permanent structure – concessionaire must purchase their own concession facility (i.e., cart, trailer, kiosk) and standard concession signage.
  • Utility service costs of services provided by the Park District.

In addition to the CPD License, the concessionaire must attend a Foodservice Sanitation Course. Each concession must have at least two (2) people certified with the Chicago Dept. of Health Certified Foodservice Manager Certificate. The City Colleges of Chicago, the Illinois Restaurant Association, and the Bio Test Lab Office offer these classes.

The Chicago Park District will entertain any and all proposals/ideas for locations. However, any proposal is subject to Chicago Park District approval.

No! The Peddler’s License is issued by the City of Chicago for city property. The Chicago Park District issues Permit Agreements for Park District property, which includes parks, beaches, lakefront property and Buckingham Fountain. If you are found selling on Park District property, you will be given a ticket and a hefty fine by the Chicago Police Dept., and are subject to confiscation of your products and/or equipment.

You are responsible for finding and securing your own concession cart, trailer or kiosk which meets the design guidelines of the CPD. The concession type must first be approved by the Park District. You will be asked to bring a sample photo or drawing of your proposed concession idea to your interview. UCG Associates will be happy to guide your process in securing your concession facility.